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Underground Services Locating in Derrimut

We completed a title-re-establishment and detail survey for PPH Developments in preparation for construction works to begin for the Derrimut Village Service Station.

Part of the project required new crossovers to be constructed over the existing footpaths at the eastern and southern sides of the property.

To prevent damaging the existing underground services such as injuries occurring from contact with the high voltage power lines running under the footpath, our client requested an underground services locating survey to be completed in the affected areas.

In addition to Dial Before You Dig records, the use of electromagnetic tracing was utilised to locate the services to Quality Level B (AS 5488) which provided locations and depths of the underground services in the area. The located services were sprayed up and colour coded on site for the easy visibility of subsurface features.

This information was then measured from the same control points as the initial re-establishment and detail survey, which allowed us to overlay the underground survey onto the original plan, consolidating all of the surveyed data in one place.

Through this collaboration of data we are able to provide plans that present a variety of information and still maintain a consistent and accurate datum between surveys, which in this case, will assist our clients at PPH Developments to proceed with construction safely and with a greater understanding of the underground services present in the area.

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