Site Analysis Survey Services

Site analysis surveying solutions

Site Analysis Surveys are often required as part of the subdivision or property development process.

At Landair Surveys we produce site analysis surveys for architects and building designers, who use these surveys to design developments on land and to support planning permit applications with councils.

These plans show existing features and levels on the subject and adjoining land including:

  • windows,
  • roof ridges and eaves,
  • floor levels,
  • trees,
  • buildings,
  • fences,
  • retaining walls,
  • contours,
  • street frontage features,
  • paths and
  • driveways.

Site analysis survey sample gallery

Did You Know?

Site Analysis Surveys are also called ResCode Surveys, Site Descriptions and Site Context Plans.

For enquiries call 1300 130 158 or

For enquiries call
1300 130 158 or

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