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Surveying services we offer to property consultants

Landair Surveys stays current with property industry trends and requirements by being active members of the Property Council of Australia. We understand the surveys required for property transactions need to be provided in a timely and efficient manner to avoid any delays in the transaction process.

One of the services we provide property consultants and property advisers are surveys for Due Diligence. These surveys are also called site identification surveys, title surveys, re-establishment surveys, cadastral surveys and location surveys. This work includes documenting any encroachments by or upon the subject land and easements affecting the land and any improvements.

We recently completed site identification surveys for 70 large complex sites throughout Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. This involved organising access to all sites without disturbing occupants and completing all fieldwork and reporting within 2.5 months.

Another service that property consultants and advisers require is Lease Area Surveys. We measure and calculate the Net Lettable Area for offices, Gross Lettable Area for warehouses and industrial sites and Gross Lettable Area Retail for retail tenancies. We can undertake this work for a single shop or office, through to a whole shopping centre and multi storey office building. Recently we completed a NLA survey and plan preparation for thirty floors of a Sydney CBD office building within ten days.

Increasingly we are also performing UAV photography of rooftops and facades to assist in due diligence assessments of plant and structures. Property consultants also ask us to perform Laser Scanning surveys. This type of survey is best used for rapidly measuring all visible features within and external to a building and creating a complete 3D model for designing new development with confidence.

Further information on the services we offer Property Consultants

3D Laser Scanning

We provide your designers and engineers with a fully workable 3D model of your entire site, in the most appropriate format. Learn more…

Drone (UAV) Surveys

We use our thirty-plus years of aerial mapping experience to maintain the quality of our UAV imagery and take the necessary steps to achieve the high levels of mapping accuracy required by our clients. Learn more…

Due Diligence Surveys

Due diligence surveys provide prospective buyers and investors with information on the true state of a property or building before they purchase it. Learn more…

Existing Conditions Surveys

Used in the planning and design process for new construction and developments. Sometimes these surveys are also called Feature Surveys, Topographic Surveys, Ground Surveys or Detail Surveys. Learn more…

Identification Surveys

Identification Surveys can also be referred to as Property Surveys, depending on the State or Territory where your site is located. Learn more…

Lease Area Surveys

Lease Area Surveys (or Lettable Area Surveys) are performed to calculate the floor space as part of lease negotiations or as part of due diligence for commercial property sales. Learn more…

Title Surveys

Title surveys may also be called cadastral surveys, re-establishment surveys, check surveys, property surveys, idents or identification surveys. Learn more…

Did You Know?

At Landair Surveys we have completed due diligence surveys for:

  • Office buildings
  • Shopping centres
  • Industrial sites
  • Logistics sites
  • Hotels
  • Aged Care facilities
  • Service stations
  • Hospitals
  • Telecommunications sites

For enquiries call 1300 130 158 or

For enquiries call
1300 130 158 or

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