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Surveying services we offer to architects

Architects need to know the locations and levels of all existing features on a site such as buildings, trees, retaining walls, footpaths, roads, services, contours and neighbouring site information. At Landair Surveys we assist architects by providing accurate and complete existing conditions surveys enabling their teams to plan and design with confidence.

For more complicated sites, a laser scanning survey may be more appropriate where a complete millimetre accurate 3D point cloud can be used to ensure nothing on site is missed that may impact design or construction. The laser scanning survey may include internal areas, external areas, rooftops and facades.

When an architect needs to design new structures on or near the land title boundary, a title survey should be undertaken. This type of survey may only be performed by a Registered or Licensed Surveyor. It is important to note that a fence is not necessarily the land boundary.

For larger sites a manned aircraft aerial survey or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone) survey may be more appropriate.

When new development is planned underground it is important that locations of underground services be determined.

Further information on the services we offer Architects

3D Laser Scanning

We provide your designers and engineers with a fully workable 3D model of your entire site, in the most appropriate format. Learn more…

Drone (UAV) Surveys

We use our thirty-plus years of aerial mapping experience to maintain the quality of our UAV imagery and take the necessary steps to achieve the high levels of mapping accuracy required by our clients. Learn more…

Existing Conditions Surveys

Used in the planning and design process for new construction and developments. Sometimes these surveys are also called Feature Surveys, Topographic Surveys, Ground Surveys or Detail Surveys. Learn more…

Spatial Data Management

Consolidate all your spatial data into an easily accessible reference file. All data is aligned to a single coordinate system and assigned to various CAD layers for ease of viewing and interrogation. Learn more…

Title Surveys

Title surveys may also be called cadastral surveys, re-establishment surveys, check surveys, property surveys, idents or identification surveys. Learn more…

Underground Service Locating

Prior to designing new structures or developments, it is essential to identify the location of any utilities, services and cables to minimise your risk and design with confidence. Learn more…

Did You Know?

We have used 3D laser scanning surveys for:

  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Centres
  • Hotels
  • Schools & Universities
  • Heritage sites such as building facades & bridges
  • Aged care facilities
  • Industrial sites such as processing plants

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For enquiries call 1300 130 158 or

For enquiries call
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