Lease Area Survey Services

Lease area surveying solutions

We deliver the three types of Lease Area Surveys:

  • Net Lettable Area (NLA) is used in office buildings and office and business parks.
  • Gross Lettable Area – Retail (GLAR) is used for measuring floor area of retail tenancies in shopping centres, commercial buildings and strip and free standing shops.
  • Gross Lettable Area (GLA) is used for tenancy areas in warehouses, industrial buildings, free standing supermarkets and showrooms.

Lease Area Surveys are needed when entering into, renewing or negotiating a lease of a property for your business. At Landair Surveys we have helped buyers, investors, property owners, property managers, tenants and agents all complete Lease Area Surveys to enter into lease agreements with professionalism and ease.

At Landair Surveys we use the PCA’s Method of Measurement for Lettable Area as a basis for all measurements.

We comply with the requirements of the Property Council of Australia when completing Lease Area Surveys, which helps to avoid owner-tenancy disputes and provides forward thinking business planning in regards to the costs and uses of the area.

Lease area surveys sample gallery

Did You Know?

Lease Area Surveys (or Lettable Area Surveys) are performed to calculate the floor space as part of lease negotiations or as part of due diligence for commercial property sales. These surveys used to be known as BOMA surveys (Building Owners and Managers Association) but now fall under the Property Council of Australia (PCA).

For enquiries call 1300 130 158 or

For enquiries call
1300 130 158 or

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