Our Surveying Solutions for Property Developers

Surveying services we offer to property developers

Property developers use Landair Surveys services to provide spatial data to assist designers plan the project, to provide site information and reports for local government to approve the development, and to provide subdivision plans enabling the creation of new titles that the developer can then sell.

We understand that time is critical to ensure a profitable development, so we take care to ensure that our plans and data meet designers, councils and Land Titles Office requirements to minimise the project timeframe.

Further information on the services we offer Property Developers

Existing Conditions Surveys

Used in the planning and design process for new construction and developments. Sometimes these surveys are also called Feature Surveys, Topographic Surveys, Ground Surveys or Detail Surveys. Learn more…

Identification Surveys

Identification Surveys can also be referred to as Property Surveys, depending on the State or Territory where your site is located. Learn more…

Lease Area Surveys

Lease Area Surveys (or Lettable Area Surveys) are performed to calculate the floor space as part of lease negotiations or as part of due diligence for commercial property sales. Learn more…

Site Analysis Surveys

Site Analysis Surveys (also called ResCode Surveys, Site Descriptions, and Site Context Plans) are often required as part of the subdivision process. Learn more…


Subdivision is the process of creating individual titles for land parcels, units, apartments, shops and commercial and industrial buildings, to enable their separate sale. Subdivisions require a licensed or registered surveyor to certify the plans. Learn more…

Title Surveys

Title surveys may also be called cadastral surveys, re-establishment surveys, check surveys, property surveys, idents or identification surveys. Learn more…

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For enquiries call
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