3D Laser Scanning Services

Advanced 3D laser scanning solutions for designers & engineers

At Landair Surveys we work with clients Australia wide from our offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne offering advanced 3D laser scanning services. We provide your designers and engineers with a fully workable 3D model of your entire site, in the most appropriate format (e.g.: 3D PDF, AutoCad, Revit, 12D). You can then view and measure every possible data point at your site, from every angle and reference point.

How laser scanning surveys can help:

  • Rapid data collection means minimal site disruption;
  • Save money. All visible features measured first time, call backs almost eliminated;
  • Minimise your risk;
  • Design with confidence and
  • Get a complete photographic record as bonus!

A laser scanning survey generates a point cloud. This is a dataset containing millions of points all with accurate three dimensional coordinates representing the scanned face of an object such as a building. Often the point clouds are also in colour or in greyscale allowing for easy interpretation. Some of our clients prefer us to supply the point cloud, however others ask for:

  • 2D AutoCAD plans, elevations and sections
  • 3D AutoCAD models
  • 3D Revit models

At Landair Surveys we can supply AutoCAD and Revit models to your specifications.

Laser Scanning: From Field to Revit

3D Laser Scanning in Action

Previous 3D laser scanning projects

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For enquiries call
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