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Landair Surveys measures the Missing Link! Feature and Boundary survey.

Our client Shire of Yarra Ranges Council requested Landair Surveys to provide a detail and Re-Establishment survey of Olinda Creek between Swansea Road and York Road to fill in the missing link to join two established Walking Tracks. This will give full off road access from Lillydale Lake to Silvan Reservoir following the path of the Olinda Creek.

We were able to supply a Topographic Survey of the creeks path and supply a plan showing the Topography of the terrain and locate significant features that highlights challenges for the walking path. This gives the client a better understanding of the land formation to design a walking path, obstacles to avoid and location of points of interests along the way such as the small cascades. This survey gives the client an understanding of the location, size and root systems of trees which allows for a path to design with the least impact to ensure minimal amount of ecological damage is done.

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