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Carbon Neutral again

Landair Surveys is so proud of our climate action partnership with Carbon Neutral.

Among the agreements in the UAE Consensus at COP28 last December was a recognition of the need to peak global emissions by 2025.

Since 2019, Landair Surveys has chosen to contribute to tangible projects that have a positive impact on our environment and offset any emissions from our survey work.

In 2023, we once again chose to support Carbon Neutral’s reforestation project in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in Southwest Australia.

Over 12 months, Landair Surveys surrendered 119 tonnes of Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offsets, an increase of 28 tonnes on the previous year.

Did you know?

Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offsets remove CO2 from the atmosphere every day and helps to restore a native ecosystem. It enhances shared natural capital with habitat restoration and land conservation and brings significant social and economic benefits.

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