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Existing Conditions Survey for Heritage

Landair Surveys specialises in surveying for heritage architects, working with beautiful historic buildings.

It’s a wonderful way to combine state-of-the-art technology with architecture that stands the test of time, and gives our team valuable insights into different and enduring styles of building and construction.

We recently completed a major project on behalf of Lovell Chen and Parks Victoria at the historic Werribee Mansion, one of the largest and most grand properties in Victoria.

At 120 hours of fieldwork, combined with 450 hours of processing and drafting, it was a privilege to work with Lovell Chen on this challenging and exciting project.

Most of our Melbourne surveying team were involved, over three months of fieldwork and drafting:

✔️ Two survey teams traversed the buildings, laser scanning the historical facades

✔️ Another two teams completed the surrounding feature survey and underground services tracing

✔️ A surveying drone pilot captured the hi-res rooftop images, then

✔️ The drafters worked their magic.

Deliverables for the project included:

📌 detailed façade elevation plans
📌 roof plans
📌 high-resolution imagery
📌 a feature survey plan with underground services overlay, and
📌 dense 3D point clouds.

For the façade elevation plans, significant time was spent digitising individual stone outlines for ongoing heritage analysis.

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