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Title Survey For House Extension

Our client requested a Title Survey to assess the boundaries and to place a temporary bench mark (TBM) surveyed to the Australian height Datum. We then prepared a plan showing the relationship of the fences to the title boundaries and the location of the bench mark. Our clients were renovating and did not want any part of their new building to be outside their boundaries. To accurately locate title relationship to fence boundaries we needed to locate and measure survey marks left on the the footpaths by previous surveys.

As we needed to provide a TBM we had to measure a couple of permanent marks (PM) and transfer the height from the permanent marks to the temporary bench mark mark located outside the property. PM’s are precise benchmarks located all over Australia that have highly precise horizontal and vertical data attached to them. The vertical data is on the Australian Height Datum (AHD). At least two PM’s are needed to be measured to ensure the accuracy of the data via redundancy.

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