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Existing Conditions survey at Yallourn


Our tripod and survey vehicle look very small compared to the Yallourn Power Station! We were engaged to carry out an Existing Conditions feature and level survey of part of the site to allow our engineering client to undertake new design work. The survey had to be connected to Australian Height Datum for levels and Map Grid of Australia coordinate datum for coordinates. These datums had to be brought in to the site using GPS and then the feature and level survey carried out to a high vertical accuracy using a total station.

Yallourn Power Station has been operating since the 1970’s and continues to provide 22% of Victoria’s electricity today. The power station is looking to end its operations by 2028 and is the last standing power station in the Yallourn area. Working here produced a rare opportunity to see the immenseness of the site and be a part of the final chapters of a facility which has greatly contributed to developing modern Victoria in its recent past

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