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Saving Time and Money with Smarter Site Surveying

Would you like to improve the way you plan and manage your next level crossing project?

Save money and time

Having all of the information you might need at your fingertips, without the need for additional cost and time for further surveying means you can focus on the important things.

Enjoy greater accuracy

We build 3D models with accuracy down to millimetres.

Get the big picture

We provide a fully workable 3D model of your entire site, in the most appropriate format (AutoCad, Revit, etc.). You can then view and measure every possible data point at your site, from every angle or import data to your GIS to manage your railway assets with confidence.

No down time

3D laser scanning allows measuring reference points in line of sight from a safe distance, minimising site interruptions or potential hazards.

Get complete picture for later extraction

If you require reference point information at a later date, the data is already available for processing. There is no need for an additional site visit.

Compare with traditional surveying method

Scope: survey of a major road (six lanes) and a railway (two tracks) intersection.
Survey area: approx. 120m x 50m.
Deliverables: 2D plans with levels and 3D triangle mesh.

  Traditional Surveying 3D Laser Scanning
Access to Rail Reserve Required YES NO
Rail Safety Induction Required YES NO
Traffic Control Required YES NO
Road Closures Required YES NO
Rail Track Closures Required YES NO
Escort by Rail Staff Required YES NO
Typical Field Work Time Frame ~20 hours ~5 hours
Typical Office Work Time Frame ~8 hours ~14 hours
No. of Measured Points ~1,000 ~500,000,000
Extraction of Further Data If Required NO (additional site visit required) YES (anything in 3D point cloud)
Total Time ~30 hours ~21 hours
Total Cost >$10,000 + fees associated with access to the railway infrastructure <$5,000

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