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Saving Time and Money with Smarter Site Surveying for Quarries

Your accountant struggling to reconcile stockpile volumes? May we suggest a better way?

At Landair Surveys we have been providing surveying solutions for the quarry industry for more than 40 years. With this extensive experience under our belt we know the best ways to calculate stockpile volumes, design a quarry traffic management plan, etc. That is why we offer the most cost effective surveying solutions for the quarry industry in Australia, including...

Aerial Surveying

Saves money

Aerial surveying is less expensive than traditional ground surveys.


Aerial surveying allows you to stay up to date with changes in your landscape.


Surveyors don't need to climb stock piles or even be on site once initial control points are place. Aerial surveys can also take place in windy conditions.

Provides big picture

Aerial surveying is the perfect solution for mapping the entire site and neighbouring areas at the same time as mapping the stockpiles. This allows resource volumes to be calculated by your geologist and royalty volumes to be determined.

Calculates volumes

Volumes of stockpiles and volumes between epochs can be computed easily.


Aerial surveying allows data for numerous quarries to be captured on the same day.


Because all stockpiles on site are captured in an instant there is no issue of stockpiles changing as in the case of ground survey. Volume accuracies to ±2%.

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