Land, Engineering and Aerial Surveying Solutions

Drone (UAV) Surveys

How We Can Help

  • Imagery & Mapping Applications

    We can help you by providing:

  • Mining & Quarry Applications

    We can help you by providing:

    • Pit surveys
    • End of month stockpile volumes with quick turn-around reporting
    • Quarry face mapping
    • Plant inspection

  • Construction Applications

    We can help you by providing:

    • Pre/progress/post construction surveys
    • Earthworks volumes
    • Imagery for construction planning
    • Time-line verification imagery

  • Architectural Applications

    We can help you by providing:

    • Heritage recording
    • Roof top inspections
    • Point clouds from aerial images
    • Asset verification

  • Monitoring & Inspection Applications

    We can help you by providing:

    • Insurance assessments
    • Inventory surveys
    • Utility inspections
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Thermal inspections

  • Landfill Applications

    We can help you by providing:

    • Scheduled flyover imagery
    • Filled volume / available airspace calculations
    • Site surface models
    • Utility mapping
    • Thermal mapping

What We Offer

We work with our clients Australia wide from our offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney

Landair Surveys is a CASA-certified supplier of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) services for surveying and photogrammetry applications.

Under the supervision of our chief remote pilot, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, commonly referred to as drones) are launched to capture accurate, high resolution, low-altitude aerial images for a variety of uses across the Quarry, Landfill, Architectural & Commercial Sectors.

We use our thirty-plus years of aerial mapping experience to maintain the quality of our UAV imagery and take the necessary steps to achieve the high levels of mapping accuracy required by our clients. We are professionals in our field with special emphasis given to support the aerial mapping industry through quality-checked deliverables.

We use both the fixed-wing & multi-rotor UAV platforms allowing greater flexibility to accurately measure diverse, and sometimes challenging, environments. Our pilots are CASA-approved and undertake their work with a keen eye for public safety and ongoing risk management.

Landair Surveys is fully insured for UAV applications.

As you look through our UAV services provided, feel free to contact us to discuss how we can use drone technology in better serving your commercial interests.

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