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Detail Survey of Melba Park

The Shire of Yarra Ranges Council requested Landair Surveys to provide a Detail Survey of Melba Park. This park is heavily used by multiple community groups and members of the public, featuring a croquet club, pool complex and multiple sporting facilities.

A Geotech report was requested during the survey to indicate the condition below the surface. Digging underground can be a dangerous exercise and underground service locating all the utilities below ground in the area was a priority before commencing the geotech work. Utilities such as water, electricity and gas were located to prevent costly damage.

With the use of total stations and Global Positing Systems (GPS) we were able to conduct a high accuracy survey of the features in the park including but not limited to trees, paths, roadways, the pool complex and land topography. This detail was used to create plan and a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) of the park to allow for planning and development in the future.

The final step was to connect a previous survey data-set that adjoined our survey from a local survey company. This was a simple process with the use of the powerful CAD software available at Landair Surveys.

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