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Aerial Photography

What We Offer

At Landair Surveys we capture aerial photography from a twin engine aeroplane making it possible to take photographs of any location in Australia. Our photos can be taken looking straight down over a target site (vertical photography) or looking from the side at a site (oblique photography). For vertical photos we use a Leica RCD30 80-megapixel medium format specialised aerial camera.

Aerial photos can be used for planning, 3D mapping, volumetric surveys, vegetation asset management and promotional activities.

Saving Time and Money with Smarter Site Surveying

Would you like to improve the way you plan and manage your next project?

Managing new works projects effectively means lower costs, more efficient time management and keeping plant or site shutdowns to an absolute minimum.

Save money

Aerial surveying may be less expensive than traditional ground surveys or UAV surveys especially for large sites, remote sites or if many sites need to be captured in one day.

Stay up-to-date

Aerial surveying allows you to stay up to date with changes in your landscape.

Get enough detail with no fuss

Information gathered during aerial surveying allows production of accurate plans, 3D models and flythroughs.

Get the big picture

Aerial surveying is perfect solution for mapping large areas such as mines, quarries, landfills and large infrastructure project works.

Calculate volumes

Volumes of stockpiles and volumes between epochs can be computed easily.

Use in complex environments

Some sites have difficult access areas that require specialist equipment and/or partial site shutdowns for traditional surveying methods. In complex environments aerial surveying could be the only practical and cost efficient solution.