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Bathymetric Surveys

Did You Know?

We have completed bathymetric surveys for

  • dredging,
  • boat ramp construction,
  • quarry volume calculations and
  • for new developments.

What We Offer

Bathymetric surveys involve measuring the terrain of lake, dam or ocean floors to determine the bed profile. 

We can prepare a model of the bed using a single beam echo sounder in conjunction with a total station or survey accurate GPS.

Whilst we have been performing bathymetric surveys for years in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne; in June 2018 we purchased a brand new dual frequency CEE-LINE Hydrographic Survey Echo Sounder. This enables us to not only measure the contours of the lake bed but also to measure the depth of sediment in lakes.

Our surveyor Marcus performing our first dual frequency bathymetric survey of lake beds using our latest equipment