Land, Engineering and Aerial Surveying Services

Smart Surveying Solutions for Mining Companies

At Landair Surveys we provide accurate, timely and tailored aerial surveying solutions to the Australian mining sector. We supply mines with quality aerial plans, 3D models and fly-throughs that allow mines to generate smart solutions to many common mining problems. And because aerial surveying does not require mine site access, your mining operations continue uninterrupted and the OH&S risk of having contractors on your site is removed.

ScalesVolume Calculations

How much has moved? Accurately measure volume changes in open cut mines, calculate surface stockpile volume changes, track quantity usage and generate extraction assessments.

Mine Site Change Tracking

How has the mine site changed? Visually and easily stay up-to-date with the changes in and around a mine site.

Mine Expansion

Planning a mine expansion? Begin with a detailed and accurate aerial survey of your existing site.

OH&S and Emergency Planning

Map out safety zones, danger zones and movement corridors.  Also, mark emergency assembly points and emergency service access locations.

Traffic Management Planning

Efficient and safe movement of resources and people is essential at mining sites. Aerial surveying allows for smart traffic management plans.

Flood Damage Assessment

Evaluate flood damage, assess landslides, and plan for future water flow and catchment.

Investor and Stakeholder Relations

Want to easily keep shareholders up-to-date on recent mine site changes? Need to communicate future mine expansion plans to investors? An aerial picture can speak a thousand words!