Land, Engineering and Aerial Surveying Services

9 Surveying Solutions for Landfills
to Help You Streamline Your Operations,
Improve Your Profitability and
Plan for Your Future Growth

Our Recent Project

This project is a monthly drone flyover of a landfill cell for volumetric analysis. A total of 200 images were taken at an average height of 80m above ground level in a double grid layout. A total of 5 control targets were used to align the project to the site co-ordinate system with the alignment checked to 3 independently measured targets to ensure project accuracy.

A point cloud was created from the overlapping images. This point cloud was edited to remove surface ‘noise’ such as landfill structures, vehicles, plant etc. to create a digital terrain model (DTM) of the top of waste surface. Volumes were calculated comparing the monthly waste surface to the as-built base-of-landfill and final profile models to report on waste airspace consumed/available. A monthly ortho-image was also created to monitor cell compaction and filling patterns.

2017 03 07 B C6 by Landair Surveys on Sketchfab

Landfill Spatial Data

A unified system of landfill spatial data could help operators save money and time when it comes to decision-making and auditing. In this article our director Ray Cox explains why:

Navigating Through Australia's Landfill Data Navigating Through Australia's Landfill Data (196 KB)

This article originally appeared in Waste Management Review Magazine.

  • 1. Need a Permit for Extension or a New Landfill?

    We can help you get it faster by providing:

  • 2. Constructing New Cells?

    We can help you construct new cells efficiently and to specifications by providing:

    • Pre-construction surveys
    • Accurate set outs
    • QA of cell construction
    • Scheduled UAV (drone) imagery

  • 3. Thinking of Utilising Drone Technology in Your Landfill?

    We can help you benefit your landfill operations by using drones to provide:

    • Ortho images / site inspections
    • Site surface models
    • Volume calculations
    • Point-cloud data

  • 4. Struggling to Manage Odours in Your Landfill?

    We can help you construct & maintain gas extraction systems by providing:

    • As-built surveys of new gas lines
    • Depth set outs for new gas wells & stake out of buried lines
    • Proactive odour mapping of capped landfills
    • Gas Management Plans for EPA reporting

  • 5. Need Accurate Waste Volumes?

    We can help you monitor landfill waste by providing:

    • Net available airspace calculations
    • Filled volume reports
    • Cut / fill plans to top of waste design
    • Waste set out surveys

  • 6. Need to Anticipate Future Landfill Expenditure?

    We can use your design files to provide a cell-by-cell analysis including:

    • Initial cell earthworks
    • Individual cell layer volumes & surface areas
    • Cell waste capacities
    • Rehabilitation soils volumes

  • 7. Need an Efficient Data Management System?

    We can help you create a single landfill site model containing all spatial data including:

    • Previous / historical flyover images
    • As-built landfill layers & topographic surveys
    • Site infrastructure & utilities
    • Design files

  • 8. Thinking of Designing a New Landfill?

    We can help with your initial, pre-design cost / benefit analysis using general industry guidelines by providing:

    • Potential whole-of-life airspace
    • Approximate landfill lining volumes & areas
    • Estimated initial bulk earthworks requirements
    • Approximate landfill capping volumes & areas

  • 9. Require General Landfill Surveying Services?

    We can use our vast landfill experience to make the day-to-day running of your landfill more efficient by undertaking:

    • Regular aerial flyovers
    • Topographic, construction, engineering, volumetric & cadastral surveys
    • Asset recording (i.e. boreholes, sump levels, existing services, etc.)
    • Cut / fill pegs