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CMIC-14: Surveying Innovations in Quarrying

Surveying has always been an essential component of successful quarrying in areas such as planning and monitoring. In the past two main surveying approaches for quarry applications were used: ground surveys or aerial surveys using fixed wing aircraft. Today, there are many more options available along with a broader range of applications.

Learn about three different aspects of surveying technology for quarries

Find out about the most cost-effective way to measure your stockpile volumes

Discover how you could use surveying to solve other operational problems in your quarry

Our free White Paper summarises our experience in surveying for quarries across Australia. You will learn about:

  • the types of surveying technologies available for use in a quarry environment,
  • the types of applications the surveying technologies are used for and
  • comparative performance of different surveying technologies in measuring stockpile volumes.

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White Paper 'Surveying Innovations in Quarrying'