Land, Engineering and Aerial Surveying Services

Our History

Did You Know?

Landair Suveys started as Stereometric Services in March 1974 by Frank Straford in Kew with just one employee.

Our Timeline

1974 The business is started as Stereometric Services.

1980 Alcoa Portland Aluminium Smelter development project (aerial photography, ground survey, photogrammetric mapping and aerial mosaics).

1982Landair Surveys delivers a large infrastructure project in Borneo

1991The business moves to Wantirna and changes name to Landair Surveys

1993Landair Surveys is appointed to panel of suppliers for aerial photography and mapping to VicRoads

1998-2006Landair Surveys delivers numerous wind farm projects

2000 Alpine Resorts commission mapping of all ski resorts

2005-2010 Eastlink project

2007 NSW catchment mapping

2009 Landair Surveys gets appointed to the panel of suppliers for land and engineering surveying to VicRoads

2010 Landair Surveys delivers photography for the flood and disaster relief program

2011 Landair Surveys introduces 3D laser scanning

2014Landair Surveys acquires James A Murphy & Associates, a leading provider of due diligence surveying solutions for property purchasers and vendors lease area surveying solutions for office, industrial and retail industries

2014 opens a new office in Sydney, New South Wales

2015 Landair Surveys opens an office in Brisbane, Queensland

2017 Landair Surveys introduces a new generation of aerial surveying solutions

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